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*Figaro PASB


Farewell my friend

"As I looked upon your resting place, watercoloured memories painted the evening sky. Through a mist of sadness that fell over our farm, a silhouette of your mares appeared.  The thundering of hooves broke the silence, and your final call to them echoed in my mind.  With the gathering tears, memories came flooding back to me.  Forever in my heart, you shall prance on impatient hooves, with your proudly arched neck.  I will never forget your faint nicker, when last I said goodnight.  You shall soar the heavens now, unmounted, I will have to learn to walk alone.  I may not see your flawless beauty again, but rich blood flows through your sons and daughters.  There is where I'll look to find you, and myself.  You lived and died well, my friend".

Your sprit-wild and free- shall always remain with me!
Thank You, Figaro

Lisa Levasseur



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